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Hypercore Protocol in Python

An implementation of the prole2prole protocol in Python.




Join In

Feel most welcome to join! Hyperpy is a non-commercial volunteer-run project. Please do come and say hello! We are tracking our progress on this project board.

The two main needs we have right now are are 1. applying for grant funding 2. python programming.

Regarding the programmming, we need help implementing the remaining modules that make up the dependency graph of Hypercore. That does involve some pretty gnarly Python programming. Some modules are easier than others, so its good to pick something that interests you. In general, the process of implementing a module looks like this.

  1. Look at this graph of the Hypercore dependency graph and pick a module that is not already implemented and seems interesting to you. You can generally find the corresponding source code under or

  2. Firstly, try to understand the high-level of what module is trying to achieve. Then, try to browse and grok the Javascript. If you need help from the implementors of that module, you can most likely find them hanging out in the Hypercore protocol Discord server or on IRC at the #dat channel on the Freenode network.

  3. Before starting, you’ll need to investigate if the ways of doing things in the Javascript module can be translated to Python. For example, how NodeJS streams work will not easily translate to the way we use streams in Python. It is good to have an idea of what will need to be changed / created / adapted to before diving into the implementation.

  4. Finally, go ahead and implement the module! If you like, you can use this Python package cookiecutter to get started quick and use the same configuration as the other modules.

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